Twelve Steps

to Freedom

What does freedom look like? Would you like a better life for you and your family. Please read The Twelve Steps to Freedom!

What does freedom look like? Read the following and see.

The Twelve Steps
1) Stay Clean • I must realize that what I put into my body is not my biggest problem, What I pack around in my mind is. If my mind is a cesspool of lies and half truths, what I put into my body will resemble what I put into my mind.

2) Freedom • There are 18 different words for freedom in the Bible, self-sufficient is not a definition of any of those words. We need each other. I can remain free only as long as I join with others who have this same desire.

3) Commit • I fail at my commitments because I usually am not clean enough to commit something I do not have; namely, my “freedom”. Those anchors in my life that keep a hold on me are past failures. If I am “dirty” no one will see the real me.

4) Let go to gain • Webster’s defines “gain” as a process. To acquire or to increase comes as a result of making commitments to do what it takes to learn, grow, gain, mature. I must let go of my losses to acquire growth.

5) When I fall down, I get up • Holding a standard of perfection will drive me crazy, and not caring about growing does not mean I always get it right. I must learn from my mistakes and keep on in the process of living life.

6) Submit • Submit to those things which restore balance to your life. Why reject gain? Submit to the things in life that move you ahead. Compliance with order will destroy chaos every time. This is a truth that empowers us.

7) Family • Who is my father, my mother, my brother, my sister? We cannot exist in life alone. We must connect to others. Use wisdom when building relationships with others. We usually hurt those who love us the most. We need each other.

8) Choices • I am where I am by choices I have made. I must realize that how I make choices will determine my tomorrows. Responsibility to choose wisely is a great freedom. I may lose this freedom if I am not responsible.

9) Accept • The greatest challenge in life is to accept the fact that there are things I cannot change. I may have caused some of things that will not change. I can change me, I must accept that I can change. I must know the difference.

10) Be humble • Arrogance is the outcome of the belief that the world centers around me. Humility is a process of letting go of the lies that I have some “right” to live life without limits. I will choose to live inside this process.

11) Self-honesty • When I am wrong I must confess it. We become hard hearted when we won’t confess when we are wrong! We may lose everything. Brokenness means that I am available to change. Confess wrong don’t wait until great loss.

12) Change is good • By definition a rut is a grave with both ends kicked out. We all get into ruts in life. How sad it is to fear life so much that we live in deep ruts. Pursue learning, gain, and growth, and embrace change. Get out of your rut.

What Does Freedom Look Like